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Air Freight Services

There are many ways to transport various goods from point A to point B. The only question is what kind of goods and how much.

Of course, the most important point is the speed of transportation. One of the most convenient and fastest way is air transportation. If you need to transport a small parcel of goods, products with limited shelf life, high value products, add to this the high speed of delivery and safety, then the best way is by plane. 

In air transport services include, as a rule, the following types of transportation: charter, intermodal, air transport of groupage cargo, dangerous, oversized, with a limited shelf life. 

You may also be offered such additional services : on cargo and passenger flights, organization of transportation in third countries, Customs clearance, Cargo handling at airports, freight forwarding, cargo insurance, permits and paperwork, cargo security.

What is the advantage of air transportation over other types of transportation? 

Thanks to a large network of airports, it is possible to deliver to any point in the world through international and domestic flights. Using air transport, you save a lot of time. 

You exclude delays in delivery and add to its accelerated process. Insurance for this type of transportation has a fairly low cost. Most airlines provide the ability to track your goods from the time of departure to arrival at the destination airport. 

It is also necessary to take into account that for air transportation there is a whole list of documents required for registration: 

  • An air waybill, which is an air freight contract between the shipper and the consignee. This document will contain data about the cargo, the date of departure, details of the parties, conditions of transportation, information about the flight .
  •  Invoice, an invoice that contains information about the value of the cargo.
  •  Packing list, which will indicate the weight, dimensions of cargo and cargo number. When air freighting dangerous goods that can be harmful to health and safety, a safety data sheet is required. 

There are a huge number of companies in the freight market that offer different types of services. Air Freight Services rightfully holds a leading position and the highest standards of quality.

Take the best from life.

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