Experience is the most important

Since the work of the dispatcher with the driver in tandem is expected for a long-term period, the most important factor in their interaction is experience. The way they find a common language, set goals and keep their promises. It’s no secret that the dispatcher is the eyes and ears of the driver and his task is to help the trucker to deliver the cargo to the destination as quickly and comfortably as possible, and also to knock out the highest possible price from the broker for this service. In such a tandem, trust and the ability to rely on a work partner are very important.

“The driver begins to trust the dispatcher about two weeks after they started working together,” notes JOY – the first two weeks are a trial period, and if you, for example, booked a good load for a trucker at the initial stage of your joint work, it does not mean at all that you will become his favorite. No. Trust is born only through long-term joint cooperation, constant growth, profit and problem-solving skills.

In addition, the dispatcher learns the driver’s preferences through the question list. Answers to questions compiled by the dispatcher and sent to the truck driver. In addition to personal issues, it also includes official ones: weight preferences, transportation territories, special qualifications. What do I mean by special qualifications? This is, for example, hazmat certification or there is a twic card and so on.

Joy also mentions other, equally important skills that are recommended to be developed in yourself before starting work with a truck driver. We are talking about the ability to hear a person, a positive attitude, responsibility and the ability to quickly navigate the market when picking up cargo.

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